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Stock Plastic Trays - Plastic trays in stock for shipping and storage of small parts and electronics.

Stock Plastic Trays

Thermoformed plastic trays in stock for shipping & storage of small parts, electronics, medical components & more. View Online Stock Tray Catalog below.

Custom Thermoformed Trays with low cost tooling.

Custom Trays

Request A Quote for Thermoformed custom trays with low cost tooling. For information on tray design, common materials & best practices, visit our Custom Trays area.

Custom Foam Trays

Foam trays custom made to fit your parts.  NRE Only $ 95.  Contact Us for information or quote.

Stock Plastic Trays - Plastic trays in stock for shipping and storage of small parts and electronics.

Thermoform Stock Plastic Bins

Stock Plastic Bins are available in blue, red, gray, and black ESD. Stock bins ship in 2-3 days. Or ask about our custom thermoform plastic divider bins sized to fit your application.

Plastic Thermoformed Trays

Engineered Components & Packaging offers the largest selection of small parts shipping trays & plastic thermoforming trays. Common applications include electronics, medical, and general manufacturing. Most trays are stock. See “Products” for specifications and photos. Brand: ECP Tray.

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Packaging Tray Information


  • Packaging Trays are plastic trays made from durable low cost materials such as PVC, PETG, and Styrene. The thermoform trays include cavities sized to fit the component part which is being packaged. When properly designed, the tray cavities protect the component in transit if shipped by a parcel service in a box, or if shipped in larger quantities on a skid.
  • Thermoform Trays are plastic trays made from the thermoforming process.  Plastic thermoforming is a low cost process to form thin gauge plastic into shapes. The trays are one type of thermoformed packaging.
  • Thermoform Packaging uses the thermoform process to build plastic trays, plastic clamshells, and plastic end caps for part protection. Thermoform packaging generally works along with a corrugated box for part protection.