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Insert Trays

Definition: Insert trays are cavity trays which use another packaging or storage product as part of their structure. An insert tray can be used with a plastic corrugated box, plastic bin, hinged plastic box, or standard corrugated box. This allows the cavity tray to be thinner, more economical, and environmentally friendly. At the same time it allows the bin or hinged box to be used with multiple tray inserts packaging different items.

Blue bin with dividers                             Bin with foam insert tray                     Bin with heavy duty insert tray                    Bin with clear insert tray

Stock Plastic Bins & Insert Trays

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Heavy Duty Insert Trays

Reusable HDPE Trays

Plastic Bin Inserts

Insert Trays for 14” X 9” Plastic Bins

Clear Insert Trays

Anti-Static Clear Insert Trays for 14” X 9” Bins

Stock Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins hold 14″ X 9″ Trays

 Plastic Divider Inserts

Storage Bins with Dividers

These bins are stock and ship in 1 – 2 days in colors blue, red, and gray.

Plastic Bin Dividers

Page shows 6 divider types including foam dividers, ESD dividers, and Storage Bins with Dividers.

Custom Foam Packaging Inserts

Inexpensive custom foam tray inserts.