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Polycarbonate Trays

100’s of standard tools available for use with laboratory trays. No tooling cost for any item with a standard tool.  Polycarbonate trays are commonly used as lab trays or when higher temperature resistance is required.

  • See Tray Size Chart for cavity sizes available. Polycarbonate trays are run to order in the same sizes as the stock PVC items.  Lead time is 2-4 Weeks ARO. Call or email for details on stock polycarbonate trays or for quote information.
  • Higher heat material. Standard thermoform trays in materials such as PETG, or ABS have a heat deflection temperature of only 165 degrees. See Poly-Carbonate Guideline (Heat Guideline) for heat deflection, continuous heat temperature, and intermittent temperature information for poly-carbonate.
  • Individual tray cavities separate parts during baking.
  • Natural Color for Polycarbonate is clear.  Black polycarbonate is also available.
  • Data page for polycarbonate see link (Data-Sheet-Sabic-Lexan).  This is a common polycarbonate and may not be the brand used for the project.
  • Vacuum formed polycarbonate trays are commonly used for baking or lab trays in R&D and medical applications.

Custom Thermoformed Trays

Custom Thermoformed Trays are available in polycarbonate.  For technical information on custom polycarbonate trays see our Thermoformed Custom Tray Design Guide or Contact Us to review application with a packaging consultant.