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Van Storage Bins

Storage Bins for Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, and other professional trades.

Box Truck with Shelving & Industrial Plastic Bins


Works w/ Shelving in Cargo Vans, Box Trucks & More!

Advantages of Van Storage Bins

There are many advantages for plumbers and other professionals to use these bins which include:

  1. Plastic bins are reusable with long life.
  2. Industrial bins are available in a large number of sizes and depths.
  3. Industrial bins are divider bins with flexible divider locations for arranging parts and tooling in different sizes.
  4. Optional plastic bin cover is available.
  5. Clear bin label holders are available which can hold part number labels or bar code labels.

Benefits & Options

ECP Industrial Plastic Bins are a great option for use as van shelving bins, van racking bins, or as a complete truck shelving solution. Works with shelving in cargo vans, box trucks, and most vehicles. See Bin Size Chart below.

  • Stay Organized
  • Save Time
  • Eliminate time lost when out of stock
  • Save time locating products.

Stock Plastic Bins w/ Dividers

  • Divider Spacing 1.25″ Centers
  • Dividers can be used in increments of 1.25″
  • Industrial Plastic Bins in 13 Sizes
  • Color Options: Light/Dark Blue, Red, Gray

View: Plastic Bin Size Chart

  • Insert trays can be used in place of dividers to hold small parts or plumbing hardware; in place of dividers or open bins.

Plumbing Box Truck with Bins



Thank you to a great customer, Bonney Plumbing, for supplying the photos.