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Machine Shop Component Parts Shipping Trays

  • Trays fit standard 12″ x 12″ boxes
  • Over 40 different cavity configurations
  • Plastic shipping trays nest easily for stacking stability
  • Trays for very small machined parts
  • Cavities sizes from .210″ x .325″
  • Special cover holds small parts in cavities
  • Cylindrical Cavity Trays
  • For CNC & Swiss Machine Parts
  • Stacking Trays
  • White Paper Trays for Cylindrical Parts

12 x 12 Reusable Shipping Trays

43 unique cavity trays fit in one box size.

The 12″ X 12″ Lineup of Trays has a wide variety of cavity sizes; including narrow cavities. All trays in this category are made to fit a standard 12″ X 12″ box. One box can hold many different component parts.  Trays are stackable.  Link to cavity sizes at above photo. Bookmark tray catalog for future reference.  Trays are sorted by cavity shape, then in order of cavity size smallest to largest.

Cylindrical Parts Shipping Trays

Swiss Machining Reusable Component Parts Trays

Cylindrical Cavity Trays can be a good stock option for Swiss machined parts. These trays are built with narrow pockets which prevent side to side movement.  View the cavity Size Chart and product pages.

Custom Machined Parts Handling & Shipping Trays

Custom Thermoformed Tray Design Guide shows common materials, design features and general guidelines.

Custom trays are available for applications which require special cavity shapes, for fragile items, and for automation applications.  Low tooling cost makes a custom cavity option viable with low volumes.  For more information on custom trays view the custom tray design guide(link above)  or Contact Us to review your requirements with a packaging consultant.

Medical Component Parts Trays

Stock and Custom Medical Tray Options

For medical component machined parts, we offer the same trays in PETG material.  PETG is often used in Plastic Medical Trays & Packaging.  If medical machined parts are used in a clean-room environment, double bagging of trays is available on run to order items. More information on Medical Tray Applications, please visit Plastic Medical Trays, Bins & Packaging.

Component Parts Common Tray Materials: