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Mini Fridge Drip Tray 20″X19″

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Mini Fridge Drip Tray 20″ X 19″

Plastic drip tray is made to protect flooring, carpet, and furniture when using a mini refrigerator. The tray sits underneath the feet of the refrigerator catching moisture. Moisture can come from condensation, spills or leaks inside the refrigerator.

This is our most popular size.  Outside dimension is 20″ X 19″.  Inside dimension is 19.5″ X 18-5/8″ X 1/2″. One key advantage of this mini-fridge size is the low height of the plastic tray wall.  For most refrigerators the door easily clears the tray.  Height of tray is only 1/2″.

What is a Drip Pan? Answer: A drip pan is a plastic tray which sits underneath a mini fridge and catches water from spills or condensation. The tray protects carpet from spills and furniture from delamination.

Locating a drip pan? Our drip pans are located underneath the mini fridge and are not intended to be a OEM part and do not fit inside the refrigerator.  See photo on this product page for use and fit.  For information on a OEM Drip Pan see article “How to Find the Drip Pan on Refrigerator“.

See full line of plastic drip trays.  There is a size chart link at top of page in “RELATED LINKS”  16 sizes available.  One of the sizes should fit most mini fridges.





Tray Inner Dimensions

19.5" X 18-5/8" X 1/2"

Tray Outer Dimensions

20" X 19" X 1/2"


Mini Fridge Drip Tray Shallow

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