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Small Cavity Foam Trays – ESD Foam Trays – Industrial Packaging

Foam Cavity Tray

EXAMPLE 1) EPE Foam Tray Black for small circular or cylindrical part.  The material is abrasion resistant rated for Class A painted surfaces.


FEATURES of Foam Packaging below. Trays for INDUSTRIAL PARTS & ELECTRONICS. 

Outstanding Protection – Foam packaging offers a high level of protection from shock for small fragile parts such as glass vials, glass tubes, bottles, machined stainless steel parts, ESD boards, ESD components, and fragile painted parts.  Small cavity trays are sized to fit the specific application limiting movement, reusable, with good cushioning properties.

Material Options – Multiple material options are available including ESD foams(for small and medium size electronics and circuit boards), Beaded EPE foam(rated for use with Class A surfaces), Dense foam(for solid trays which can support weight). Contact a customer service specialist for assistance or see Page shown below for more details.

Custom Trays – NRE Only $ 95 for a custom size foam tray. Our customer service specialist will assist with material selection, tray design. Behind the scenes we will determine cushioning requirements, and make vibration assessments as needed; but the best qualification method is samples.

Custom Shapes – Cavities can be any shape needed in order to protect part during shipping or plant handling. Foam inserts for boxes can also be made in place of a foam or plastic shipping tray.

Samples – Foam shipping tray samples are available for product testing, vibration testing, and ship tests before we produce any trays.





Custom Foam Packaging Inserts

Custom Foam Tray Inserts

Standard Foam Packaging

Foam Material Information

Foam Color Chart for Trays

ESD Foam Packaging

Custom Foam Tray Inserts


Custom Foam Packaging Design (Common Questions for Tray Quote)

                  1. Shape, weight, and size of product fitting in the tray (or sketch)
                  2. Cavities per tray.
                  3. Quantity of trays. 
                  4. Does the product require ESD protection from static? 
                  5. Method of shipment? Will it ship in a box?  ID of box?  
                  6. Does product need protection from scratching or just impact protection?