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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are tray samples available?

A: Samples are available for most trays. Samples are no charge FOB ship point. We can ship against a UPS or FedEx number. Some of the heavy gauge trays are available on a 30 day trial and no charge if returned during the trial period. Contact customer service to arrange tray samples.

Q: Do you offer custom plastic trays made to fit our product?

A: We offer custom shipping trays, custom ESD trays, custom reusable trays, custom molded pulp trays, and custom foam trays. Tooling starts as low as $ 600, and $ 1,000 is common for a basic tray. Contact a customer service representative to review your application.

Q: Are trays run in a cleanroom?

A: Off the shelf trays are not run in a cleanroom environment. Depending on the application we can double bag; but this is only on run to order items and should be specified in the PO. Cleanroom thermforming is available with custom orders over 10,000 pieces.  See details HERE. Normal packaging process does not require bags, and parts will be in direct contact with the corrugated shipping box.

Q: What material is used for trays in medical applications?

A: Many of our custom and stock trays are used by the medical industry. For thin gauge shipping trays, anti-static PETG and Silicone Free PETG, and white styrene are common. The standard PVC is used also but it is not appropriate where parts are sensitive to silicone. With most PVC materials, a denesting agent is used to prevent parts from sticking together and this denesting agent is typically silicone. In all cases it is the responsibility of the customer to determine what is suitable for their process. We will provide any data pages, samples, and information necessary to help with the determination.

For heavy gauge reusable trays, ABS, PETG, Polycarbonate, or Anti-Static HDPE trays are options.

Q: Do you carry corrugated boxes?

A: Our focus is on engineered packaging products not typically carried by traditional shipping supply companies. We do not carry boxes or related packaging supplies. We can recommend sources for stock boxes which work with our trays and molded pulp packaging. ECP also has corrugated partners if a complete solution is needed. Uline carries many box sizes which match up well to the trays we carry.

Q: Are clear plastic trays reusable?

A: The trays are thin gauge and usually used for one time use. However, the material is strong and can be used for multiple cycles in some applications. The same trays can also be made from thicker materials such as .050″ PETG, .060″ PVC and .080″ PETG.

Q: Do you have minimums for your trays ?

Stock plastic trays have a $ 90 minimum purchase. Samples are available, however, for review in your application. Contact Us to request samples, technical questions, or for a formal quote.