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ECP has extensive experience developing, prototyping, and producing ESD safe trays for packaging circuit boards and components requiring ESD safe protection.  Stock tray options include 100’s of ESD safe packaging trays with no tooling cost. Custom tray options range from single cavity trays or ESD Safe clamshells for individual circuit boards to multi-cavity ESD trays with covers. Custom tray tooling can be low cost for lower volume applications. Contact a customer service specialist for stock tray information, sample trays, or to review a custom electronic component tray packaging option.

Ohms per Square chart was supplied courtesy of IPF integrated Packaging Films.  This is a general guide to the levels of ESD material. Not all materials work for all applications and customer needs to specify requirements. Some common material technical data pages are noted at the bottom of this page for reference.  A customer service specialist can assist you in choosing the correct material for your application. 

Custom ESD Trays

STOCK Electronic Parts ESD Shipping Trays

Trays are either stock or standard. Stock trays are available in 1-2 days. Standard ESD Trays are available in 2-5 weeks run to order with no tooling with 100’s of cavity sizes available to choose from. Key considerations in choosing the proper EDS Tray include Material Type and Surface Resistivity. Common materials available are shown at bottom of this page along with links to data pages. By replacing ESD bags with ESD plastic trays, large time savings are possible from reduced component handling.



  • ESD Divider Bins – Stock bins ship in 1-2 days in Conductive Black Polyethylene.
  • Standard Divider Bins –  Run to order bins ship 5-8 Weeks in conductive and anti-static materials.

CUSTOM Electronic Parts ESD Trays

Custom ESD Safe trays are built with your circuit board or component in mind. Cavities can be created with special features to allow clearance for sensitive components where areas of the board do not contact the tray. Design can also include stack features, finger clearance for easy access of trays, and engraving. Engraving can include part numbers, website, or company name. Replace ESD bags with trays for easier access to parts and large time savings in part handling.

Custom Tray Material Options

Materials commonly used for ESD trays are noted at bottom of this page. They are split into ESD shipping materials and ESD reusable materials. Thermoformed plastic sheet can be topically coated, inherently dissipative, or conductive. Each style of ESD-protective material has different advantages and disadvantages. We can guide you to proper material choice but it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to choose the material. We can supply samples throughout the process for evaluation and testing.

Custom ESD Tray Tooling

Custom Thermoformed ESD Safe Trays can be designed with low cost tooling. Tooling cost starts at $ 1,500 for a small tray with basic cavities and will increase based on complexity and overall size of tray. For a lower tool cost ask about our ESD custom foam cavity trays with NRE at $ 95.


Timing for custom trays depends on a number of factors. Smaller thin gauge Anti-Static shipping tray applications usually fall in the 4-6 week range. Heavier gauge reusable trays can be 6-12 weeks depending on complexity.

To learn more about our ESD protective packaging, visit our page Custom Thermoformed Tray Design Guide.

Common Materials for Shipping

PVC AS H1X – Anti-Static PVC clear coated 2 sides.

Conductive Styrene –  KP Brand HIPS Black Conductive.

PETG_ESD IPF – PETG Clear Anti-Static extended shelf life.

PETG AS KPA – PETG Clear Coated 2 sides.

Reusable ESD Materials

Royalite_R63 – ABS Conductive.

HDPE ESD Guide – Guide for ESD Options. Applies to “Plastic Bins with Dividers” and some heavy duty plastic trays.

HDPE 250 – Standard data page for HDPE (not anti-static).

Data Pages

DISCLAIMER: This information is presented from the source manufacturer and is deemed to be reliable. However it is intended as a guideline. It is the sole responsibility of each buyer to make their own independent tests and decisions about whether any of these plastics are suitable for their packaging solution prior to purchasing. Product samples are available for review.

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