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About ECP Medical Trays.

ECP supplies trays for medical packaging and storing medical product and components. The trays we offer are non-sterile plastic medical trays; including medical shipping trays, medical inspection trays, and plastic bins for medical applications. The medical packaging supplied by Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC is not run in a clean-room and we can not guarantee a specific particulate count. The medical packaging is produced in clean location and product has limited exposure to the environment. Medical trays are packaged in plastic bags and do not have contact with the corrugated box. More information can be found for our medical tray and bin products on Plastic Medical Trays link.

Material Info (TekniMD Info Sheet | Data Page)

Medical material for trays is a CoPolyester (PETG style material) which is uncoated, designed for use with medical device packaging.  TekniMD material can be sterilized using EtO, electron beam, and gamma radiation. The material is compliant with FDA and EU food contact regulations. Material has excellent clarity and denesting characteristics.

ADDITIONAL SIZES!  See our Downloadable CATALOG !

CONTACT Customer Service with your size requirement and we will assist in locating a stock tray for your application. Customer support is available during normal business hours. SPECIAL NOTES: Cleanroom options are available with custom orders over 10,000 pieces.  Special medical packaging requested “clean practices” are available for many of our stock trays including double bagging, hairnets, gloves, additional inspection are available with many of our stock items.

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