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ESD Trays

ESD Trays are stock and include anti-static and conductive options. ESD-Safe Trays are used for packaging, shipping, and storage of small electronic parts, circuit boards, pcb, pcba, & electronic components.  Stock plastic materials with no minimum purchase include PETG Anti-Static Clear, Conductive Styrene Black, and PVC Anti-Static Clear. For an EASY SEARCH of all ESD trays, click on our CATALOG > enter your tray type > all ESD trays will be in order of cavity size.

Custom Options:
Custom ESD Trays are available at affordable prices with low cost tooling. Contact Us  for more information. View our Design Guide for custom ESD Tray information.  The guide includes a description of ESD-safe materials including antistatic, static dissipative, and conductive options.


  • ESD Bins(reusable) – stock & ship in 2-3 days ARO.
  • Small Cavity Plastic Trays(ESD) – stock and ship in 2-3 days ARO.
  • Anti Static Small Parts Trays(for shipping) –  Run to Order 4-5 weeks.
  • Conductive Storage Trays(reusable cavity trays) – stock: 1 week ARO.
  • Clear Insert Trays(reusable for bins) – stock & ship 1 week ARO.