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Small Cavity Plastic Trays .375 Diameter

  • Cavity size .375″ Diameter X .085 depth(with lid).


Material information:
Tray is stock Anti-Static PVC, and White Styrene; available run to order in black ESD Styrene.

Lid information:
A flat lid, and a lid with 100 matching features. Usable Space is defined as the distance between the tray cavity and the bottom of the lid feature. It is the space available for part.

Lid Options:

  1. 4006-50FC-Lid, Flat Lid has .200″ usable space.
  2. 4030-100+C-Lid has .115″ form feature that fits in the cavity leaving .085″ usable space (approximate)

Price Information:
Volume based pricing in clear AS PVC and Black Conductive Styrene. Lids are sold separately. Trays and lids can be combined for quantity discount. ie(100 trays + 100 lids = 200 piece price).





Tray Dimension



Cavity Depth

Cavity Diameter

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