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Lid For 4228-50

Clear Lid for ESD 50 Small Cavity Trays; 4228-50AS & 4228-50CD.

» ESD Tray Lid is stocked in clear anti-static PVC material
» Available run to order in black conductive & white styrene

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ESD Tray Covers

  • ESD Tray Cover is specifically made for tray 4228-50T; 50 cavity tray.  This cover can be used for the anti-static PVC version or the Conductive Black version.
  • Tray cover is stocked in clear anti-static pvc material.  NOTE – this is a topically coated material.  ESD properties will wear with time and use.
  • Cover is also available run to order in white styrene and black conductive styrene.

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Lid Dimensions

9.875" X 7.875"



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