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Small Cavity Plastic Tray .15 X .15

  • Smallest Cavity Tray Available. .15″ X .15″
  • Groove between cavities for tweezer access.


Small Cavity Tray Material Info:
Very small cavity tray 4151-100 is stock in White Styrene (not anti-static) & PVC anti-static clear.  Cavity size is .15″ X .15″.  Width of groove is approximately .050″.

Small Cavity Cover Options:
Lid is available in clear anti-static PVC # 4151-100+CCL.  Lid has slight downward bow in order to hold tightly against the tray.  A alternate option is to use another tray as a lid with cavities slightly fitting into the cavity of the tray below.  This holds parts more securely.

Price Information:
Volume based pricing for three materials below. Lids are sold separately and are the same price as the trays. Trays and lids can be combined for quantity discount. ie 100 trays + 100 lids = 200 piece price.

Samples: Available upon request.





Tray Dimension

Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Height

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