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Medical Shipping Trays – 2 X 0.75 X 0.75

  • Tray Stacks with 90 degree rotation; no load on parts.
  • Made to fit in a standard 12″ X 12″ box.
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55 Cavity Medical Shipping Tray with cavity size 2″ X .75″ X .75″ depth. Cavity is rectangular. This medical tray is made with a uncoated PETG medical material. Data page and information page can be found on the main Medical Trays page. Overall tray size is 12″ X 12″ and will fit in a ID 12″ X 12″ standard box. Lid for this product is Lid-400MED.

STACKING INFORMATION: Tray stacks with no load on parts when rotated 90 degrees or lid can be used.

55 small cavities are ideal for counting and for shipping smaller parts. This is a durable shipping tray good for medical parts tray including machined parts. NOTE – This same tray is available in a standard PVC material. Contact us for details.





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