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Medical Trays – 1.63 X 1.63 X 1

Cavity Size 1.63″ X 1.63″ X 1″

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20 Cavity Medical Tray with cavity size 1.63″ X 1.63″ X 1″ depth.  Cavity is rectangular. This medical tray is made with a PETG type medical material. Data page and information page can be found on the main Medical Trays page. Overall tray size is 12″ X 9″ and will fit in a ID 12″ X 10″ standard box.  Lid for this product is Tray-023MED.

STACKING INFORMATION: Tray stacks with load on parts or lid can be used for stacking with no weight on parts.

20 small cavities are ideal for counting and for shipping smaller parts. This is a durable shipping tray good for medical parts tray including machined parts. NOTE – This same tray is available in a standard PVC material.  Contact us for details.





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