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Plastic Tray Lid .250Dia.

  • Sold as Tray and Lid Set: $ 3.95/set
  • Quantity price breaks starting at 100 sets.
  • FREE SAMPLES. Contact Customer Service.


Plastic Tray with 30 cavities .25″ Diameter BALL-SHAPED Cavity X .150″ depth.  This tray has a 1/2 sphere cavity.

Lid is made to fit tray locking in the part in the dome area.  Tray with lid will stack.  See photo. No load on parts when stacked with lid.

Tray and Snap on Lid are sold as a Set.

Part Unloading:  Tray and cover designed for easy part unloading.  When the tray-lid set is flipped upside down, and tray removed; the part will set in the cover for easy access and handling.

Tray Material: Anti-Static PVC can be used for standard components; or for electronics depending on customer requirements. Alternate materials are available run to order on the same tooling.





Tray Dimension


Cavity Diameter

Cavity Depth