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LED Light Strip Tray

  • RUN TO ORDER 6-7 Weeks.
  • Universal LED Board Tray
  • Standard item. No tooling required.


LED Light Strip Board Tray.  This universal is made for multiple board sizes.

  • Goal: Reduce the amount of SKUs for packaging multiple size LED’s.
  • Trays are stackable. See images. The tray can be rotated to stack and hold either .5” or 1” height LED boards. (it will accommodate some variance as well(if there was a .9” or .4” or 1.125 or .6” for example, it would just have a bit of play in the stack or stack with load on the parts).
  • Overall tray size is 25.75 x 5.75 x 1.31”.
  • LED ESD Protection
  • LED lengths of 24”, 23”, 22”, 12”, and 9” with all possible divider configurations(divider snaps into tray – sold as a separate line item). The tray will fit any length under 24” but may not have a divider spot, allowing the LED strip the possibility of left to right movement.
  • 10 to 20 Cavity LED Tray: There are 10 slots across the width so this can hold 10 longer boards (~12” and longer) or 20 shorter boards (i.e. 9”).





Tray Dimension


Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Depth