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Standard Foam Trays

Foam Trays are made with compartments for shipping small parts. Foam packaging has outstanding protection for fragile parts. Soft and sturdy foam materials are available in a large number of sizes. Stock tray information below including links to foam material details, tray drawings, and packaging photos.

  • Foam trays in 6 stock sizes. No tooling required.
  • Custom foam insert trays available for low tooling cost: $ 95.
  • Foam material options include anti-static pink foam, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and expanded polyethylene for “class A” parts.
  • Lead time for foam trays 1-2 weeks ARO.
  • 25 Tray Minimum Purchase.

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Foam Tray: Cavity Size .75 Dia

Foam Tray: Cavity Size 1 X 1

Foam Tray: Cavity Size 2.5 X .375

Foam Tray: Cavity Size .75 X .75

Foam trays include 6 standard sizes above. NO Tooling. Foam Trays can be made with custom cavity sizes to fit your product. Tooling cost for a custom foam tray generally runs $ 95 depending on size and complexity. Contact Us to review your application and request a quote.