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Polycarbonate Tray – .7 X .6 X .15

  • Polycarbonate tray has excellent flatness
  • Stacks with no weight on parts; rotational stacking
  • Can be used with higher heat applications than standard trays


Polycarbonate Tray has 81 cavities made from either .040″ or .030″ starting gauge polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate has a higher heat deflection temperature than standard shipping or storage trays.  This tray is also available run to order in PET material.  Standard material is polycarbonate.

This tray has excellent stack with 180 degree rotation.  Cavities rest over the cavities in the tray below leaving approximately .150″ space.

Cavity size is .7″ X .6″ X .15″.  This is a shallow cavity tray with excellent flatness.  Samples available with request.

Overall tray size is 10.93″ X 10.93″.





Tray Dimension


Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Height