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Optics Tray for 25.4mm Round

  • Optics Tray made to fit 25.4mm or 1″ diameter
  • 1 Cavity Optics Tray Dimensional Drawing
  • Lid sold separately (optional)
  • Box image shows optional hinged box.
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Optics Tray with single cavity for 1″ Diameter optics.  Optional lid is available same price as the tray.  Overall tray size is 2.56″ X 2.56″

  • Cavity size 1″  Diameter X .2″ Depth. See drawing.
  • No Tooling
  • Made from PETG (non outgassing)
  • Alternate material options available including ESD Options.
  • Made to fit in a hinged plastic box sold separately.


Cavity Diameter

Cavity Depth

Tray Dimension