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Micro Cavity Tray ESD Black

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Micro Cavity Black Tray has 50 cells for very small components.  They are made to stack with approximately 1/8″ height.  When used with the standard ESD plastic hinged box, 3 trays will stack per box. Assuming the top tray is empty and used as a cover the kit will hold 100 units.

STACKING:  Trays are made to fit inside each other in order to seal the cavities and not allow very small parts to jump out of the cell. When stacked if components is less than .125″ it should not have any load.  Stacks with no load on part for items less than 1/8″.

CELL Size: .375″ Long X .160″ Wide X .250″ Depth.  Approximately 1/8″ usable height when stacked.

OVERALL Tray size: 4-9/16″ x 4-9/16″

MATERIALS:  The black micro cavity tray is made from .030 Black Conductive Styrene. See Material Data Conductive Styrene KP Spec Sheet.

PLASTIC ESD Box: This item is made of conductive material.  It is a stock item with heavy duty hinge and snap for long term reliable use. For product page click: ESD Hinged Plastic Box 4.5″ X 4.5″ X .5″.





Tray Dimension


Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Height

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