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Cone Shape Cavity Tray .365


Cone Shape Cavity Tray has 100 cells for very small components. Trays are made to stack with no load on parts; dependent on height.

STACKING:  When trays are nested(oriented in the same direction there is a 3/16″ overlap with the bottom of the cavity in the tray above fitting slightly into the cavity.  When stacked using 90 degree rotation there is a 1/8″ overlap and the bottom of the cavity in the tray above is even with the top of the cavity centered.  This location with the cavities lining up when stacked is intended to prevent small parts from jumping out of cavities.

CELL Size: .365″ diameter at top with 14 degree walls.  .365″ depth.

OVERALL Tray size: 4-15/16″ x 4-15/16″

MATERIAL: Available in PVC and Anti-Static PVC





Tray Dimension


Cavity Diameter

Cavity Depth

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