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Stock Plastic Bins 22.4 X 17.4 X 5

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Large Plastic Storage Bin With Dividers (5″ depth)


Small bin size is 20.1″ X 15.1″ X 5″ inside dimension.  See Specification page for more details. Divider information is below.

Sketch below shows the spacing for the maximum number of plastic dividers.  Any number of dividers can be used to create the cavity size needed.  ie. By leaving out one divider the spacing will be approximately 2.5″. Dividers are sold separately.  Lids and label holders are available.  For ESD version of this bin see link DCE3050XL. Please contact us for a quote or for assistance configuring the bin.


Large Plastic Bin Divider Chart



                      • Stacking Bins.  Bins do not nest
                      • Made with Heavy Duty Polyethylene for Industrial Applications
                      • 4 colors blue, light blue, red, and gray
                      • Load Capacity 40 lbs.
                      • Clear or opaque lids available.

Clear lid for plastic bin


Weight 2.6 lbs



Tray Inner Dimensions

20.1 X 15.1

Tray Outer Dimensions

22.4 X 17.4 X 5

Short Divider Max #

15 (sku DVE1750)

Long Divider Max #

11 (sku DVE2250)

Divider Height