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Kitting Tray 36 X 24

  • Tray is in STOCK – 2-3 Days.
  • Kitting Tray – See DRAWING
  • 20 Cavities 8″X3″ | 1 Cavity 38″ X 3″
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Kitting Tray is ideal for use as a plant handling tray to move product within a manufacturing plant.  The tray has 20 cavities 8″ X 3″ X 3″ depth with one large cavity 38″ running down the center.  Tray size is 40″ X 25″ made for some standard shelving racks or carts when used as a cart tray.  See drawing for details.

Material: Stock Material is ABS Black.  Formed with .187″ starting thickness material.

Lid: None

Pricing: Volume based pricing.  Contact us  for price and stock level.


CUSTOM OPTIONS: Need a different size?  We would be glad to review other stock and custom options. Contact Us.



Cavity Length

Cavity Width

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