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Hinged Plastic Boxes 1.85 x 1.85 x .75

Lot size and Minimum: 25 pieces

$ 3.95/ea. based on 25 piece order.

CALL for pricing on larger volume orders.

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Polypropylene Transparent Hinged Plastic Boxes

Inside dimension: 1.85″ X 1.85″ X .75″ depth

Outside dimension: 2.25″ X 2.125″ X .875″ depth

Material: Polypropylene transparent

Key Features:

  1. Heavy duty reusable hinge.  Secure closure.
  2. Stacking Box.
  3. Durable and reusable hinged plastic box.
  4. Other sizes available not listed on site. Contact customer service for options.
  5. Foam inserts available(additional cost).
  6. Available in lots of 25(minimum).  Generally in stock.


Conductive Hinged Plastic Boxes are available.


Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Height


Tray Outer Dimensions

2.25 X 2.125 X .875