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ESD Small Bin 2.5″ Tall

Bin ID 9.1″ X 6.5″ X 2.4″ height

Case Quantity is 24 ESD Small Bins.  Minimum buy is 1 case.

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ESD Small Bin 2.5 is 10.8″ X 8.3″ X 2.5″ on the outside at top of bin(largest spot with draft).  The inside dimension at bottom of bin is 9.1″ X 6.5″ X 2.4″(product clearance height). This bin stacks with or without lid. Plastic bin does not nest.

ESD Bin is made from ESD Safe Black Conductive Material. Material is heavy duty, reusable with bin rated for 40 Lbs. Bin weight is .5 Lbs.

ESD Small Bin – Divider Insert Options

  1. Leave area open.  Bottom of bin will be 9.1″ X 6.5″ X 2.4″ tall.
  2. Add ESD dividers on 1.25″ centers.  Bin has 7 slots on long side for short dividers and 5 slots on short side for long dividers.Divider Layout Small Bin
  3. Add a foam insert tray which can be made from several materials including 2# pink polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and conductive black foam. $95 NRE for custom cavity sizes.
  4. Add a custom plastic ESD tray.  Materials stocked include conductive styrene, anti-static PVC, anti-static PETG, and inherently dissipative PETG.


  • For non esd option, click link DCE1025.


Tray Outer Dimensions

10.8 X 8.3 X 2.5

Tray Inner Dimensions

9.1 X 6.5 X 2.4

Divider Height


Long Divider Max #

Long Divider Max # 5 (SKU DVE1025)

Short Divider Max #

Short Divider Max # 7 (SKU DVE0825)