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Custom Insert Tray

  • Custom Insert Trays
  • Reusable Trays
  • A experienced project manager will assist in design and quoting.
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Custom Made Insert Trays are made with relatively low tooling costs.  Tooling can be as low as $ 2,500 and increases with size and complexity.  These trays can be thin or heavy gauge.  Reusable trays offer the benefit of being environmentally friendly.  When used with a stacking bin, the package can last many years and many cycles.


  • Cavity can be a variety of shapes to protect part.
  • Lids can be used
  • Stacking options
  • Finger access can be designed into the tray
  • Logos or part numbers can be molded into tray
  • Custom cavity size


  • ESD Materials including PETG, Conductive HIPS, Anti-Static PVC
  • PETG for low outgassing
  • PVC for low cost
  • Styrene for low cost and with no topical coating; often used for medical trays
  • PP = polypropylene
  • HMWPE = High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Polycarbonate for higher heat applications.  ESD polycarbonate available






Tray Dimension


Cavity Length

Cavity Width

Cavity Height