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ECP now offers stock plastic boxes with low minimum volumes. This type of product is a industrial item commonly purchased in lots of 500 or more. The most common hinged plastic box offered by ECP Tray is available in lots of 25. Pink foam inserts are available for these plastic boxes in comparable quantities. Boxes snap for solid closure, are durable, and reusable. Hinged Plastic boxes that snap offer a professional way to display product.


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Anti Static Foam Insert TrayFOAM INSERT TRAYS:

Custom inserts for hinged boxes has very little tooling. A foam(no cavity) insert made to fit snugly in a hinged box will require no tooling. A foam tray made to fit in the hinged box with a custom cavity size or with multiple cavities has a standard NRE of $ 95. These custom inserts are priced based on volume with no minimum. Materials include anti-static pink foam, conductive black foam, PE foam, polyurethane foam, and EPE. EPE foam is also called beaded foam and is a excellent non abrasive material. More information is available on FOAM TRAYS PAGE.

Plastic Tray Insert for Hinged Plastic BoxPLASTIC INSERT TRAYS:

Custom thermoformed inserts are also available for the plastic hinged boxes. NRE for plastic insert trays is generally in the $ 750 – $ 1250 range. This includes mold and dies with custom cavity sizes and other standard features. Materials include ESD and Non ESD styrene, PETG, PVC and other plastics.


Applications include bottles, small sensitive parts, electronics, optics, and small machined parts.  Inserts allow for easy Bottle Foam Insert Traycustomization with low or no tool cost.

Foam Insert Tray in Clear Plastic BoxSIZES:

100’S of sizes are available and few are listed on the website. Contact customer service for detailed sizes and options. These products are good for low to high volume applications.  Options are too many to list here and we are glad to assist by phone or email. A few of the stock packaging boxes are available at Plastic Hinged Boxes Page.

More sizes are added based on customer feedback and usage. Please let us know what plastic hinged box sizes are needed. To suggest a size contact the writer of this blog post; Chris Spiegel at  Or contact Customer Service at Contact Us Today.