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Plastic Refrigerator Drip Trays Preventing Furniture Damage in Hotels

Refrigerator drip trays are becoming a standard option for hotels purchasing furniture. One of our customers recently shared some photos showing the damage caused by refrigerators to their new furniture. In this case the water leaking from the refrigerator caused a large issue for the hotel chain as the furniture was fairly new; with a large percentage of units showing damage. The drip pan in the back of a small fridge will only hold about 12oz water which is not much for a 33 cu ft fridge. The trays supplied to the hotel added a layer safety to protect the furniture. The customer commented that the refrigerator trays were “a cheap insurance to protect the new furniture.” Some hotels and dorm rooms have only carpet which is even worse when it gets wet. Refrigerator drip trays sit directly beneath the fridge and prevent water from resting on furniture or carpet. This reduces the chance of mold, bad smelling carpet, and saves time and money in furniture repair. The first photo below shows a leak from the refrigerator. The second photo shows a tray underneath. Refrigerator trays are available in several sizes and heights to correspond with most mini-fridge manufacturers.
Water sitting on furniture shelf
Tray Added | And area requiring repair
The most common size drip tray for refridgerators is the 20” X 19” tray. This tray is available in 1.1” depth or 1⁄2” depth. The depth is largely dependent on the door and how high the feet are extended. The 1⁄2” size is made for the refrigerators with little clearance.
Drip trays can also be used for other common business and household applications including: Under aquariums Dog kennels Chemical storage Air conditioning units School/Gym lockers Gardening/Pots
A full line of plastic refrigerator drip trays can be found on our Stock Tray Catalog at link:
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