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ESD High Heat Material for Trays

HT Stat Material is a new material for packaging, made for high heat ESD trays, covers, and component part applications.


Typical Characteristics (Contact engineering for complete data page).
  • Surface Resistivity: 10^3 – 10^7 Ohms/sq.  (Test Method ASTM D-257)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 265 degrees F (Test Method ASTM D-648)
  • Thermoformable for use in trays and component parts.  Inline forming and rotary forming options based on thickness required and quantity.  Raw material minimum will apply.
  • Conductive properties are inherent in material and not a coating.



  • Military panels
  • Military packaging
  • Lab use
  • Processing trays requiring inherent ESD and ability to be heated.


– More information can be found on our Electronic packaging materials on ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY PAGE

ESD High Heat Tray(representation)
Specialty Materials
This blog is intended to highlight the key features of this material. For more detailed information please speak with one of our engineers to review your application and suitability of the material.

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